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Well I haven't posted in a while... My week has been crazy. I had Spring Break all last week which was spent writing a 10 page paper, studying for a midterm, and some other homework, as well as working. I made the most of it though. :] And this week I had school everyday so I am getting back into the swing of things. Tomorrow is my older sister's 25th birthday! I am sooo excited because I just bought the most adorable cake pan ever. I can't say just what it is yet because it is a suprise for tomorrow!! But trust me, it's pretty stinkin' cute. Anyways, cannot wait for tomorrow. I hope it will be a fabulous day. The weather is so nice right now, feels like summer around here!
Here is a close up of the "tree necklace."
Today I got to wear one of my favorite dresses. It actually used to be one of those "prarie skirts." Not sure if you can tell in the pictures or not. I decided to make it into a dress by folding the waistband over my bust! And it works fabulously! I love the way it flows so freely! It's so comfy!

I am also wearing a vintage tree necklace from nordstrom, and funky white sandles from PinkyWear.

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  1. Hi,

    it feels like summer hiere in San Diego also...LOL

    come and visit me....