The desire for all things lovely and wonderful.


well it has been awhile since i last posted anything. lately, i have been CRAVING shopping in my life. however, since i only work part time and i have racked up my credit card debt quite high, i haven't been able to do much shopping at all. for my birthday however, i received some money and i hit the shoppes! A LITTLE BIT OF RETAIL THERAPY NEVER HURT ANYONE. : ) today, i decided to do a photo shoot in my backyard, of some of the new pieces i've acquired the past several weeks.



today was my 19th birhtday! my last year to be a teen is ahead of me. as of 7 oclock tonight i officially turned nineteen years young. i had a fabulous day getting jamba! going to the happiest place on earth a.k.a t&co., getting my hair did, and celebrating with a yummy dinner with my family at buca di beppo! i love spending time with the people who mean everything to me. throughout all the chaos and calamity i made it through the day with a smile on my optimisic face the entire time. : D

My bucket list for all the things i want to do before i turn 20:

1. Get my first tattoo!
2. Go skydiving!
3. Learn to surf!
4. Roadtrip!
5. Read a book in an entire sitting!(like when i was younger)
6. Be certified to scuba!
7. Fall in love!
8. Save $1000,00! (at least)
9. Discover my passion!
10. Cherish every moment!!!


Lately I've been putting my vegetarian cooking skills to use. the other day I made dinner since my parents are out of town. I made it using things that I already had in my house. I made a lovely spinach salad with candied walnuts-so yummy, chopped apple, and chopped grapes with a homeade rice vinegar dressing on top. SO DELICIOUS. Then, I prepared an entree of quinoa-a type of grain with lots of protein and sauteed it with a chopped onion and vegetable broth. I added a can of corn and two cans of black beans and seasoned it and let it sit for awhile. In the end, it was so yummy that I had three non-vegetarians like it too! I guess cooking classes are starting to pay off and I'm becoming more independent than ever! Oh yeah, only one month exactly until my birthday!!!


i absolutely adore my hot pink fish eye camera from urban outiftters! i love how this camera lens turns any 'simple' or 'regular' photo into a real work of art! this was taken several months ago, but i wanted to share this beauty! xo



i am so very excited that my finals are over and it's finally summertime in southern california! unfortunately, i will be taking summer school BOTH sessions starting next week. oh well. the sooner i get classes out of the way, the sooner i will be able to transfer. well a lot has been going on since my last post. my older sister michelle got engaged! and lucky me gets to be one of the maid of honors! it is very fun constantly keeping my eyes open for sweet wedding inspirations and checking on venues with her. she is new to this process as am i. so it should be exciting to see how everything falls into place. thats it for now. hopefully i'll have something exciting happen in the next few days that i can post about! <3>


my oh my

time sure flies when you're living life...well, it is almost summer season and i am counting down the days until my very last final. unfortunately, i've decided to take on two sessions of summer i am pretty much going to school year round. i keep telling myself that it will all be worth it someday. the day i graduate from college i think i'll believe that more than i do right now. well, let's hope that is the case. this week i actually had an epiphany!  i've been pondering for some time now about majors and career choices and suddenly, a few days ago, it all came to me. i am going to major in psychology! and hopefully get into cal poly slo when i transfer next next fall. if all goes as planned, that is. i am truly working my tail off in school right now and i think people overlook just how difficult college truly is. it is definitely hard work. however, nobody said life would be easy, they just promised that it would be worth it.  my second realization was that i want to be certified to teach yoga! i've been a huge fan and yogi for several years. although, i need to practice more! hopefully this summer i will have a bit of time to detox and practice my passion. that's all for now. stay lovely, xo



Wow, what a gorgeous day to live in southern California! I woke up around 10 am and walked outside my front door and the sun was beating down so lovely. It's so nice! I am headed to the beach now with some friends. I am really excited. It definitely feels like summertime! A great opportunity to wear my new summer dress! There isn't anywhere else in the world I'd rather be! XOXO


I am so thankful that it is finally the weekend! I recently decided I wanted to dye my hair a dark ash brown. So I dyed it and kept it for several days and I still felt something was missing.. So then I cut my own bangs myself. I was so excited to change it up after having the same boring blonde my whole life. I guess I am lucky I can pull off both hues!
I apologize for the quick post, but, it's 1:26 A.M. and I gotta wake up early tomorrow morning! 
                             Here is a quick snapshot of what I wore today!
My new favorite white hot skinny jeans from Nordstrom BP, a vintage floral tube, also from Nordstrom BP, and Steve Madden sandals. Sorry for the poor image quality! Hope the detail shows up.  
Until next time, XOXO.



Lately I have been thinking a lot about tattoos. Since my 18th birthday last July, in fact. I have wanted one for as long as I can recall. However, I don't want to regret it in the future, so I want to pick my tattoo really wisely... It has to have some sort of 'spiritual' meaning to me. I've been thinking about the lovely lotus flower a lot. They are so beautiful. They symbolize the struggle through life at it's most simple form. The lotus flower starts out down in the bottom of a muddy pond and slowly grows up towards the surface moving toward the light. Once it comes up to the surface of the water the lotus blossoms into a beautiful flower. This is similar to the struggle through life. In order to achieve something great in life you must start from the bottom in many cases. I have had my heart set on this for months until several days ago when I saw one of Lindsay Lohan's tattoos on the internet. It's on her backside. It says LA BELLA VITA in a really pretty cursive font. It's Italian for 'a beautiful life.' I think it's very simple, yet very sophisticated. How could I ever get sick of that? I am trying to imagine myself in my 30's, 40's 50's and still loving either one of these tattoos. I am stuck in a huge dilema... I want to get my first tattoo for my next birthday in July, so I still have some time I suppose. Help! Any ideas?


Another lovely weekend...

Well Friday I worked a little in the daytime and then at night I went out with friends to see the Fast & Furious. It was pretty good, although I haven't seen any of the others! We went to the 11:00 pm showing since the rest were sold out. After, we felt like going really fast, like they do in the movie, but got paranoid when we saw blue and red flashing lights on the side of the road. So we went to Denny's afterward. It was pretty yummy. Nothing beats fabulous french toast at 2 am! Yesterday, I spent the day babysitting one of my nephews, Aiden. He is only a year and a half. We had fun playing at the park, watching Shrek, dancing to Britney Spears, and  playing with my two golden retrievers. Finally, today I've been tanning on my deck all afternoon, while catching up on homework... I love the California sunshine. I hope it stays like this all week. 


A Great Weekend

So this weekend went really FAST, but it was a good one. I have school bright
t and early in the morning, so I have to make this post really quick. I mentioned in my last post about a certain fabulous cake...well, I finished it! It turned out amazing. My sister loved her "GIANT CUPCAKE CAKE." 
Here are some pictures:

I set the oven to 325 and left it for 55 minutes. After it was finished baking and cooling for about two hours, my mom helped me put the two halves together.



And finally, I made my sister and her boyfriend share a sweet kiss before we cut the cake. :]


Well I haven't posted in a while... My week has been crazy. I had Spring Break all last week which was spent writing a 10 page paper, studying for a midterm, and some other homework, as well as working. I made the most of it though. :] And this week I had school everyday so I am getting back into the swing of things. Tomorrow is my older sister's 25th birthday! I am sooo excited because I just bought the most adorable cake pan ever. I can't say just what it is yet because it is a suprise for tomorrow!! But trust me, it's pretty stinkin' cute. Anyways, cannot wait for tomorrow. I hope it will be a fabulous day. The weather is so nice right now, feels like summer around here!
Here is a close up of the "tree necklace."
Today I got to wear one of my favorite dresses. It actually used to be one of those "prarie skirts." Not sure if you can tell in the pictures or not. I decided to make it into a dress by folding the waistband over my bust! And it works fabulously! I love the way it flows so freely! It's so comfy!

I am also wearing a vintage tree necklace from nordstrom, and funky white sandles from PinkyWear.



The wait is over...the Twilight DVD comes out tomorrow! I am so very excited! My friend Danielle and I are rushing over to TARGET at 7am and we are going to wait until 8am when it opens. I love Edward (aka ROB PATTINSON) more than words can say! I'm crushin' big time. I've been bitten by the lovebug. :]


St. Patricks Day

Today's the day when everyone wears green in hopes to not get pinched.  Today I am donning a green quarter length sleeve shirt from Barneys NY.  I usually don't wear any green because my green eyes save me every year. ;] I might do some holiday baking today if I finish my 10 page essay! I have my very first cooking class tonight with my mom and older sister. I can't wait to cook up some yummy concoctions.  


Gossip Girl

Tonights new episode was long anticipated. I couldn't be more stoked!  Drama Drama Drama. The boys of GG are so adorable! I love Ed Westwick and the fact that he's really british! hehe... It's something about that accent that draws me in.  Anyways I've a busy night ahead of me. Writing a 10 page paper for political science. 

xoxo until tomorrow 


First Blog Entry!!

So this is all a little new to me.  I decided to make my very first blog after becoming inspired by browsing various blogs these past two weeks.  So far it's pretty fabulous!  I wanted to make a space to share some affordable fashion finds, a little bit of my photography, and a little art, as well as some of my many inspirations.  So here I go... Blog world here I come!