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my oh my

time sure flies when you're living life...well, it is almost summer season and i am counting down the days until my very last final. unfortunately, i've decided to take on two sessions of summer i am pretty much going to school year round. i keep telling myself that it will all be worth it someday. the day i graduate from college i think i'll believe that more than i do right now. well, let's hope that is the case. this week i actually had an epiphany!  i've been pondering for some time now about majors and career choices and suddenly, a few days ago, it all came to me. i am going to major in psychology! and hopefully get into cal poly slo when i transfer next next fall. if all goes as planned, that is. i am truly working my tail off in school right now and i think people overlook just how difficult college truly is. it is definitely hard work. however, nobody said life would be easy, they just promised that it would be worth it.  my second realization was that i want to be certified to teach yoga! i've been a huge fan and yogi for several years. although, i need to practice more! hopefully this summer i will have a bit of time to detox and practice my passion. that's all for now. stay lovely, xo

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