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Another lovely weekend...

Well Friday I worked a little in the daytime and then at night I went out with friends to see the Fast & Furious. It was pretty good, although I haven't seen any of the others! We went to the 11:00 pm showing since the rest were sold out. After, we felt like going really fast, like they do in the movie, but got paranoid when we saw blue and red flashing lights on the side of the road. So we went to Denny's afterward. It was pretty yummy. Nothing beats fabulous french toast at 2 am! Yesterday, I spent the day babysitting one of my nephews, Aiden. He is only a year and a half. We had fun playing at the park, watching Shrek, dancing to Britney Spears, and  playing with my two golden retrievers. Finally, today I've been tanning on my deck all afternoon, while catching up on homework... I love the California sunshine. I hope it stays like this all week. 

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