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Lately I've been putting my vegetarian cooking skills to use. the other day I made dinner since my parents are out of town. I made it using things that I already had in my house. I made a lovely spinach salad with candied walnuts-so yummy, chopped apple, and chopped grapes with a homeade rice vinegar dressing on top. SO DELICIOUS. Then, I prepared an entree of quinoa-a type of grain with lots of protein and sauteed it with a chopped onion and vegetable broth. I added a can of corn and two cans of black beans and seasoned it and let it sit for awhile. In the end, it was so yummy that I had three non-vegetarians like it too! I guess cooking classes are starting to pay off and I'm becoming more independent than ever! Oh yeah, only one month exactly until my birthday!!!

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